What Health Benefits Come from Senior Living?

Are you or a family member resisting the move to a senior living community? Whether it’s a retirement community, independent living, or assisted living, moving into one of these senior living communities has a great deal of benefits for both mental and physical health. Here are just a few of the benefits community living brings to seniors.

Healthy meals

At any point in our lives, it can be difficult to motivate ourselves to cook healthy meals for ourselves every day. And seniors with mobility issues or other health conditions may not be fully able to cook for themselves. In either situation, a senior living community ensures that dietary needs are catered for, providing residents with nutritious meals every day.

An active social life

Socialization is important for us throughout our lives. Being in a community surrounded by your peers makes socialization much easier, especially with organized events and activities within the community. This ensures that residents have people to talk to and spend time with, allowing them to make close and meaningful relationships.

Exercise and wellness classes

Another important component of health is staying active. Even gentle exercise like walking and tai chi helps our bodies stay strong and healthy. Senior living communities hold lots of exercise classes and activities to keep residents fit and healthy. Residents can also get advice and guidance when it comes to health and wellness, helping them to make the right decisions for their health, plus rehabilitation if needed.

A safe environment

Living alone comes with certain health and safety risks that living in a community mostly eliminates. Plus, for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, the facility is designed to prevent wandering behavior from putting them in harm’s way. And senior living communities are equipped with grab rails and other safety features to avoid accidents and injury.

Provision of care

In assisted living communities, around-the-clock care is provided. Although the provision of care is less in independent living communities, as residents of these can usually care for themselves, for the most part, some care services are provided for those who need it. This ensures that residents are looked after and kept in good health.

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How to Maintain Your Independence as You Age

When we get that first taste of independence, usually in our teen years, we start to get used to doing things for ourselves. If we suddenly have to rely on someone else to get us where we need to be, then it can be extremely frustrating. This is something that can happen to seniors if their mental or physical state starts to deteriorate.

But we want to make sure seniors can keep their independence for as long as possible, so we’ve put together some tips to help you or your loved ones stay independent as they age.

Take care of yourself

A sudden loss of independence usually happens after an injury or illness. This is why it’s so important to keep taking care of yourself as you age. Make sure you eat right and remain active, take any medications you need, and see the doctor when there’s a problem. Socializing and pursuing hobbies are also important for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Adapt your home to your needs

You might not be as mobile as you used to be, so it’s important to adapt your home to these changes so that you can still move about freely and in order to avoid trips and falls. Moving into a single-story house or installing a stairlift eliminates the need to walk up and down the stairs several times a day. Grab rails will also help you get about the house and avoid slips in the bathroom and other parts of the house.

Let technology help

There’s lots of tech that’s designed to make everyday life a bit easier for you, so don’t shy away from it. You can stay in touch with friends and family through social media, get about using Uber if you no longer drive, and play music through devices such as Alexa. You may also need an alert device that allows you to quickly inform the emergency services or a family member if you fall or in other emergency situations. If you need help, there are classes you can take to familiarize yourself with new technology, or you can ask a younger relative to show you the ropes.

Independent living

Even if it comes time to move into a senior living community, you can still keep your independence. As opposed to assisted living communities where residents need a higher level of care, independent living is designed for seniors who can still take care of themselves on a daily basis. In independent living, you can set your own schedule and do the things you’ve always done for yourself at home.

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